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Retreat at Crescent Beach, BC south of Vancouver, BC.
for 7 Glorious creative days!
Loll found a beautiful Big home we could rent.
Christine, Trina, Susan, Dolly, Lolly, Bonnie and Nancy for the week.
My DD Jeani for 2 nights and Colleen and Lin for 3 nights.

Enjoy our Photos together smiling, creating and having a great time!


Crafty Friends - (l to r) Christine, Trina, Susan, Darnell, Colleen, Loll (me),
Bonnie, Nancy, Linda
Aprons each year by Loll.  Added 4 new aprons this year:-)

The group working hard.

Christine explaining the "sandwich" for dry embossing with dies and EFs together.

Loll showing Dolly a finished card front using Trina's embossing technique.

Bonnie's beautiful finished card front using embossing technique.

Bonnie and Linda working with masks.

Linda's lovely finished card front.  Purple and butterflies ... who would have guessed??!! :)

Dolly fussy-cutting butterflies.

Dolly's gorgeous finished card front with lots of dimension.

Everyone concentrating ... no talking. :)

Bonnie searching for "just the right stamp".

Bonnie enlists Dolly's help to find "just the right stamp". :)

Susan deep in thought.

Dolly poses for the camera.  Are we surprised??!!  NOT!

Nancy and Trina having fun!

Loll doing a little splattering that ended up everywhere!

Colleen's beautiful finished card front ... what an amazing smile Colleen!!

Susan's lovely finished BLUE card front.  No surprise there!  :)

Line up at the Big Shot.  We were all a little confused about the "sandwich", but worked it out in the end.  Great technique that we all vowed to use lots!

Bonnie with her two beautifully finished card fronts.

Linda and Colleen working with watercolour pencils led by Dolly.
LOVE Linda's beautifully coloured flowers.

Hammy watching over us!

Loll's two finished cards.

Nancy sharing Brushos on Vellum ...

Gorgeous Vellum panel ... and the paper towel isn't bad either!! :)

All of us working away.

Lots of inky fun!

... and more inky fun!

Nancy trying out her new brushes. We all loved these brushes!

Christine trying out HER new brushes.

Linda's amazing second card with this technique.  It's a beauty!

Alex had the group mesmerized.
He took all the pictures (except the one below).
He also spent an hour presenting ways to improve our card photography.
Lots of great tips.  We all learned SO MUCH!
Alex also showed us some fun photography toys to help us
and provided links to buy them.
It's not only card makers that are enablers! :)
Thanks Alex.  We appreciate YOU!

Finished cards using the Cut Up Stamping technique led by Nancy.  BEAUTIFUL!

Finished cards using the Embossing with Dies and EFs led by Trina.  Fabulous!!

Finished cards using the Pearl-Ex powders led by Loll.
A little challenging but oh-so pretty!

Finished cards using the Watercolouring on Vellum led by Susan.  WOW!!

Blended DOX inks cards with white heat embossing (led by Linda).
Easy and fun technique with beautiful results!!

Finished cards using a variety of techniques.
(l to r) Embossing with Dies; Pressed leaves from the garden (led by Christine); Baby Swipe over DOX inks (led by Bonnie), another Pressed Leaves from the garden; Watercolouring on Vellum, and Embossing using Dies.  All so uniquely beautiful!

More finished cards with a variety of techniques.
(l to r) Watercolour pencils technique, Magicals through an Intricate Stencil (led by Loll), more Watercolour Pencils, Watercolour Spritz, another Watercolour Pencils, Stamping over Washi Tape and Gesso (led by Christine), and Watercolour Pencils.  Fantastic cards!

Photographs by
Alejandro Garcia Photography
Instagram:  @AlejandroGarcia.Photography

2019 photo by Dolly including my daughter Jeani on the far right:-)
Thank you for sharing your photo Dolly!

Vancouver, British Columbia

Christine opened her beautiful home to all her crafty friends:-)
Loll stenciled our aprons!

Nancy, Trina, Susan, Loll, Christine (our generous hostess) and Darnell (Dolly) posing
for Alex in Christine's beautiful garden.

Christine's pretty stenciled leaves!

We were all laughing about something:-)

Christine showing her beautiful stenciled leaves and sponged sample.  Hammy watching!

Christine's sweet Tika!

Susan sponging her Tag sample.

It takes lots of supplies for 6 crafting girlfriends.

Susan showing her beautiful sponged, stamped and Heat Embossed tag to Nancy and Dolly.

Loll applying Embossing paste thru Stencil.

So pretty and even prettier after adding a shimmer spray!

Dolly and all of us loved Loll's beautiful stenciled tulips!

Now Dolly's turn to stencil. Hammy is making sure she does it Right!

Adding Dreamweaver Embossing Paste.   Hammy said, "Oh No,  You are covering it all up!"

Whew, no worries Hammy...Dolly's project turned out beautifully!

Hammy still can't believe Dolly's card turned out!

Nancy begins her sponging thru a stencil project. 
An earlier, sponged sample with Magical's sneaked into photo.  Wish you could see the shimmer.

My Distress inks are looking so pretty.

Now to turn my flowers into a finished project when I get home:-)

My favorite underwater Alcohol Ink piece that I did finish into a card at our retreat. Here it is...

Cute Trina is a very accomplished stamper and helped bring our average age down:-)

Trina using Dreamweaver EB paste over her sponged stenciled image.

Trina lifting her beautiful piece off the board very carefully, so the paste does not smear.

Trina's Gorgeous stenciled flowers covered with EB paste.  You also get a sneak peak of her beautiful Alcohol Ink
samples and underneath all the samples  her galaxy sample,  which were both techniques earlier in the day :-)

Thank you so much Alex for quietly going around taking pictures while we were crafting. 
Thank you for the wonderful Memories!

Alex is Loll and Gord's son-in-law and very talented..

Enjoy our 2018 Retreat dear friends.  Hugs...

Photographs by
Alejandro Garcia Photography
Instagram:  @AlejandroGarcia.Photography 



Our 1st annual Eat Sleep Craft Repeat Retreat!

Our crafting and photography skills have improved the last 3 years:-)
The timer was set on camera that was sitting on boxes and Loll rushed to get in photo!

I hope Alex does not see this!
We still had a great time and knew we wanted to craft together again:-)

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