Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Eat, Sleep, Craft Repeated 2018

Our 2nd annual Creative Craft Retreat in BC
has been so much fun!

Alex took this photo of 6 smiling faces:-)

Christine Alexander, and Darnell Knauss:-)

Be sure and check out all the girls links to their Retreat Posts:-)

We have been playing with new and old techniques for 5 days and still have one
more fun day of techniques, sharing, laughing, chatting and eating delicious healthy meals.

Here is my cool underwater scene card!

I used Christine's stamps and sentiment. The stamped images were from Invisible Image. 
The sentiment a Rubbernecker stamp.

I will soon be sharing finished cards with all my backgrounds after I return home.
I did finish one card for this special post
  using Alcohol Ink on Yupo paper and blended with Blending Solution.  
Then stamped my images with Archival Ink.

I am also sharing photos of our Dirty Pour Canvas Paper Technique using acrylic paints.

Very marbled look with many color variations.   They will make beautiful backgrounds 
or can be used for die cuts.

We all have had so much fun creating together and making such wonderful 
close friendships.

Our dear friends,  Bonnie Klass and Nance Salkeld joined us via Skype for 3 days!

Once the "technical difficulties" were worked out,  they added to our fun!
We were all jealous of Bonnie's amazing crafting room.

Nance and Bonnie

I will be home in a couple of days and will be catching up with my commenting, etc.
and of course,  gardening.  
   Having afternoon tea at Susan's and seeing her gorgeous garden's
was a wonderful break from our crafting.
Susan's scones...her grandmother's recipe were delicious.

I am closing with a cute photo that Darnell took of Christine, Loll, Susan and myself
at Susan's beautiful tea party:-)  Hats courtesy of Susan.

Thank you again Christine for hosting our retreat at your beautiful home,  Loll for all the organizing and Susan for the lovely tea party.  Thank you Darnell for always being so entertaining:-)
Sharing link to our 2017 BC Retreat!

Enjoy and Happy Crafting my friends.  Hugs...


  1. Lucky Lucky YOU!!!
    Thanks for sharing this amazing experience with us!

  2. What a beautiful card! I just love seeing the photos of you all and how lovely that you were all able to create together...

  3. I was that bee buzzing around in that gorgeous garden, Nancy! What a wonderful time you're having … and I look forward to even more like this gorgeous under-the-sea scene!

  4. we have such a great time on these retreats don't we :)

  5. Each of those smiling faces represents a whole lot of fun! I can just imagine... Susan's garden looks amazing, sigh... Oh, to be free of the wind. Is that Hammy in the dirty pour picture? I'm giggling!

  6. WOW! An amazing sea depth! I love this background, it's so perfectly matched to the sea card.
    Nancy, what can I say ... it makes me jealous that such wonderful women have met together :-)

  7. WOW Nancy! That does look like a photo from underneath water. It appears the sun is reflected in it so your choice of stamps is perfect! LOVE this and love the effect you managed to achieve on this!

  8. Wowee! That undersea background is stunning! And it looks like you had MUCH better weather this year. British Columbia is definitely the Pacific Northwest!

    1. Thanks Jeani for your comment. The weather has been so beautiful. I am looking out at the mts., which still have a little sun and it is about 70 degrees outside. I am mostly packed. We crafted this a.m. and have been packing up this afternoon. We will have leftovers and relax, chat and share dies tonight. A nice relaxed day. Love and hugs..

    2. Whoops..snow on the mts, but sun too:-)

  9. What a gorgeous alcohol ink background, Susan! It's so perfect for an underwater scene! It was so much fun joining you and the girls! We learned so much! My craft room is available any time you want to come!

  10. Great post, Nancy! Thanks for the kind comments about my garden and my scones! It's been a wonderful few days crafting with you! And I LOVE that card you made - so artistic, such a wonderful underwater scene!

  11. How wonderful and fun to eat, sleep, and craft with your wonderful friends!
    I love your underwater scene card, Nancy! It's amazing! What a beautiful AI results you got! The background does look like underwater - light coming in from the surface. Thanks for sharing! Hugs.. Hideko

  12. What a beautiful setting for all that creating. Those photos make us all envy the pure pleasure of being together. A creative aura can be seen. Loving your deep sea card, there is so much mouvement and the light. So happy for you all xx

  13. You all look like you had so much fun and also learnt lots along the way. How amazing to be all together and so much talent to share....Loving the tea party and those wonderful hats too x

  14. What a wonderful atmospheric card and love the dark tones....beautiful card and great sentiment too x

  15. You are such a sweetie, Nancy! I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you in person! You turned your panel into a realistic and awesome underwater scene! I love it!! Hugs, Dolly

  16. It was so wonderful to see you again at this year's retreat, Nancy! So glad your return trip home went smoothly. LOVE your gorgeous underwater scene card. THANK YOU once again for my lovely card. Looking forward to seeing more if your fabulous work in your new venture. Until we meet again my friend... 😊 xx

  17. It sounds like so much fun with your retreat. This card is just awesome. The shadows in the water are so realistic. Glad you had a great time.

  18. how wonderful to see all you talented ladies would be a dream come true for me. Looks like such fun and many creative moments.
    xx Karen


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